Règles et conditions de recrutement

What is the 14e gaming

The 14e Gaming is a community of French-speaking players, established on Mount & Blade Warband Napoleonic Wars from 2011 to 2014 as the « 14e Régiment d’Infanterie de Ligne », and which has become a multigaming structure from 2014 to 2021. Today, in 2021, we are based on Mount & Blade II Bannerlord and ArmA III.

As a Gaming community, we provide our members with all the tools necessary for the proper functioning of our group: website, forum, voice and text servers (Teamspeak, Discord).

Our vision of the game is to allow everyone to flourish on Bannerlord as they wish. Our approach revolves around two main axes. First of all, the organization of big events, bringing together hundreds of players (battles, sieges ...), in a fun and good mood. Finally, we allow our most involved members to go to the competition and represent the 14e by being supported by a large structure such as ours.

This vision of the game is part of a historical, realistic and roleplay framework, where we embody a Duchy of Normandy in the grip of war in the 1030s. All this roleplay aspect forms the basis of our organization, allowing everyone to soak up this medieval universe for even more fun.

Recruitment at the 14e Gaming

You want to join us and we thank you. Here are some things to consider before continuing:

  • All applications are subject to the approval of a 14e Gaming administrator. Following the application process, an explanatory video of the 14e Gaming will be given to you. You will then have to go to the 14e Gaming Teamspeak on your own. Once on the voice server, you will be supported by an administrator who will process your application. The recruitment team processes the candidates in order of arrival on the voice server and as soon as possible. If you encounter any difficulties, do not hesitate to contact us through Steam.
  • Our community requires a minimum age of 15. If you are younger, your application will be refused without exception. We impose a certain form of maturity that will be understood very quickly on our communication software and on the way you express yourself on the site. An attitude incompatible with our seriousness will be sanctioned on a case-by-case basis. When we speak of maturity, we mean a respectful way of speaking, no trolling, shouting on our voice communications software ..
  • Of course, to join us, it is strongly recommended to own the game Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord, preferably on steam. However, given the growing importance of ArmA III within our community, we accept recruits wishing to evolve mainly on the Bohemia software.
  • Whenever possible, we ask members to be active in our community. We do not enforce any attendance rules within 14e Gaming for at least the first two months. However, we appreciate that our members show interest in our structure. This goes through the activity on the website, TeamSpeak,  Discord and participation in the events organized by the 14e Gaming.

Before joining our community, please read the rules to follow in 14e Gaming.

The essential rules within the 14e gaming


  • Respect other members: The 14e should always be fun, which is why no verbal or written harassment will be tolerated between members.
  • No politicized remarks
  • No racist or controversial comments
  • Maintain a good image of the 14e: Your actions reflect part of the 14e. We attach particular importance to maintaining a good image of our community.
  • Use Discord and Teamspeak. The community aspect is important to us. You must make an effort to participate in the life of the 14e if you join us.

This non-exhaustive list is a summary of the rules that you will have to respect within the 14e.

In order to maintain a serene atmosphere for everyone, the administrators will ensure that these rules are respected and will take the necessary measures if a member does not respect them.